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How to contribute to MoonDAO

If you have any more questions, or would like to hang out with the community and get involved, join our Discord or follow us on Twitter.

Progressive Governance

Our Progressive governance model enables anyone to contribute to the DAO.

Titles Include:

  • @Astronaut - (Temporary) leaders and administrators of MoonDAO
  • @Cosmonauts - Members of the MoonDAO Core Team
  • @Rocketeers - Members of the MoonDAO Preliminary Core Team
  • @Moon Settlers - Moderators and key contributors to MoonDAO
  • @Earthlings - Verified members of MoonDAO

Subject Roles

Here are some of the ways you can specialise in MoonDAO: @Legal @Finance @Eth Dev @Web Dev @Design @Marketing All roles are earnable.

As MoonDAO matures, @Moon Settlers, @Rocketeers, @Cosmonauts and @Astronauts will be decided in a decentralised, bottom-up approach through wider community vote. The 'in' group should not decide roles- MoonDAO is not a clique it's a community. Eventually once MoonDAO reaches full-maturity we can get rid of roles altogether.

In MoonDAOs very early life, we will help guide the DAO until it can find its feet and walk on its own. As such, at the beginning, we will have to centrally grow the MoonDAO team, but will do so while filtering strongly for individuals who are not status/bureaucracy-oriented and who are working on dedicated channels (dev, legal, finance, design).

To go from partial decentralisation to complete decentralisation, MoonDAO will employ progressive decentralisation. Key moments of decentralisation will be linked to MoonDAOs milestone objectives- our Moon Phases. At each Moon Phase we plan to take a vote to determine the next step in progressively decentralising MoonDAO.

This is in fact so important to MoonDAO, that one of the core roles of astronaut @kogero is to monitor that MoonDAO is effectively decentralising over time.