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The $MOONEY token

The $MOONEY token launched on Friday, December 17, 2021 on Juicebox. The funding period lasted for one lunar cycle and ended on Sunday, January 16, 2022 at 3:18 PM EST.

Contract address


How to get $MOONEY

The best way to get $MOONEY is by working with us to help build the DAO and carry out our mission. For more information, see our Contribute page.

Obviously you can buy $MOONEY on decentralized exchanges, but we would much rather have you work for us :-)

Distribution & tokenomics

  1. Our token has a fixed supply. Now that our initial token raise is over, we will never increase the supply of the tokens.

  2. Our token is used for governance decisions. We will have proportional governance up to a community decided limit. The limit is needed so that if one person buys more than 51% of the tokens they cannot centrally control the DAO’s decisions. To begin, we will use a 4% limit of the total coin supply, however anyone is welcome to purchase more than 4% if they would like to contribute more.

  3. The funds raised from this token will pay the workers needed to complete the rest of the roadmap (NFT designers, website developers, solidity developers, marketing, legal consulting, etc.).

  4. The token raise was conducted on Juicebox, and every contribution created governance tokens at a fixed rate. Contributors received 50% of those tokens in their wallets, and the remaining 50% stay with the DAO in order to fund the work required to make this DAO function. These tokens form part of the shared treasury that token holders can vote on with their tokens.

There is no expectation of profit with this token. It is a governance token. You are not receiving fractionalized ownership of the DAOs assets in exchange for the token, check our FAQs for more information and disclaimers.