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Let's decentralize access to space
MoonDAO’s mission is is to create a self-sustaining, self-governing colony on the Moon to act as a launch point for humanity to explore the cosmos.

Our 2022 Goal

Send MoonDAO members to space

MoonDAO has purchased two tickets to space with Blue Origin. Our members voted with $MOONEY to select Dude Perfect for one of the tickets, and selected another MoonDAO member at random with our Ticket To Space NFT Collection.


MoonDAO is going to the moon.

MoonDAO is an international collective of people united by the mission of decentralizing access to space research and exploration. We are currently living at the inflection point of a privatized space race, and the implications of this moment will define our future. Making life multi-planetary is one of the most inspiring and important missions in our lifetime. The big question is: how? We believe that an international, decentralized, inclusive, and transparent organization would be much better aligned with the needs of the everyday person.

"All civilizations become either spacefaring or extinct."

— Carl Sagan


Space should be in the hands of the people.

We uphold values of inclusion, peace, transparency, freedom of organization and speech. Space should be in the hands of the people, not any one nation or private entity.

As such, MoonDAO will support funding for individuals to go to space and fund future space research and exploration as it fits into the mission of becoming a governing body for the moon and other celestial bodies.

It is very important to note that the core team has not pre-mined any tokens for ourselves. We have not given “special terms” to any Venture Capitalists, Influencers, Angel Investors, Rich Friends or Family, or any other person. We are all being treated equally.

Moon Phases

Our roadmap to the stars.

Moon phase 1

Deploy a token for decentralized governance of MoonDAO.

In order to be a DAO, we need a governance token for decision making. Launching the $MOONEY governance tokens is our first step. There is no expectation of profit with this token, this token’s purpose is to coordinate our governance.

Every investor, builder, or fren, big or small, has gotten the same terms. No special treatment for anyone. This is unusual for an Ethereum project, but we thought it would be more fair for everyone involved that we did not airdrop or pre-mine any number of tokens for people ahead of time. We are not VC funded, we are community organized and led, this is very important to us!


Moon phase 2

Send a MoonDAO member to space.

Virgin Galactic advertises its tickets will be sold for “as low as” $450K and it has been reported that Blue Origin’s tickets are have gone up for auction for over $28M. The range is large. MoonDAO wants to help create a world where anyone can fly to space regardless of their financial situation. We hope that this can be a meaningful and inspirational first step in decentralizing space exploration.

So far in history, space exploration has been gated to the rest of the world — accessible to only the privileged. MoonDAO changes this for the first time in history.


Moon phase 3

Provide funding to space research and exploration.

We don’t want to just take a ride on someone else’s rockets, we’d like to fund and coordinate our own plans. We think an international collective could move much faster than any red-taped organization, and we can contract out certain aspects of rocket development to private companies -- just like NASA.

The exploration of space should unify the world, not pit us against each other like the last space race. After all, aren't we all just curious earthlings that want to explore the unknown? Now, Web 3.0 represents a technology that can unify earthlings and decentralize space exploration.


Moon phase 4

Put a MoonDAO colony on the moon.

That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.

The 1967 Space Treaty forms the basis for all law concerning space. In this treaty it states that no national appropriation of the Moon can take place. However, a DAO is not a nation — it is an international collective of frens.

We have the opportunity to use these new governance and coordination tools in order to form a more perfect union as we extend the rights and liberties of every human on earth into the solar system.


Moon phase 5

Have sweet moon parties (everyone's invited).

They're gonna be sweet. BYOB but we'll provide transportation.


Join our mission.

Contribute to our efforts by buying our governance token to vote on proposals, lending us your brain power, or donating to our treasury. Together we can build the world's first decentralized public space program.

Disclaimer: There is no expectation of profit with the $MOONEY token. It is a governance token. You are not receiving fractionalized ownership of the DAOs assets in exchange for the token, check our FAQs for more information and disclaimers.

illustration of astronaut in space with moon in distance