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MoonDAO is accelerating our multiplanetary future with an open platform to fund, collaborate, and compete on challenges that get us closer to a lunar settlement.

MoonDAO is

We are an open source space community where everything is proposed, governed, and created by our members. MoonDAO is where space dreamers and serious builders unite. We set ambitious, achievable goals and then work together to make them happen.

Space is for

Space should belong to the people, not the select few. We envision a future where space is by the people for the people, irrespective of borders. Our mission is to accelerate the development of a self-sustaining, self-governing settlement on the Moon. Want to help govern and create that future?

MoonDAO celebrating the launch of their first astronaut (Coby Cotton) in front of Blue Origin's rocket

Our Partners

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We aim to accelerate the development of a lunar base through better coordination. Want to help? Learn how to contribute to our mission, even if you're new to Web3, and get weekly updates.