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Our (growing) team

Disclaimer: We're providing this info because we think it helps build trust to have our names and reputation behind this effort (we're not a rug pull). However we don't claim to be the "leaders" of this DAO, we're just helping guide it during its early life and then like proud parents will let it run free once it reaches maturity.

Core team

Pablo Moncada-Larrotiz

Astronaut / Ops / Tech

Hey I'm Pablo, I used to work at BigTech but dropped out after seeing where the world could be headed with centralized control over billions of people's lives. I see decentralization as an answer to fixing some of those problems. For the past year and a half I have worked on JuntoDAO to allow people to collectively govern their real life and digital assets with smart contacts. Basically making it easier to share things with your friends. I was also a core contributor at ConstitutionDAO (controversially, I "resigned"). Before that I worked at Waymo (Google's self driving car), YoutubeVR, and in biotech. I mostly grew up in Ann Arbor, MI, and went to Michigan (go blue!), but I'm very culturally Spanish and lived in Zaragoza as a kid.

Twitter: @LarrotizPablo

DiscordID: @pmoncada

Kori Rogers

Astronaut / Ops / Decentralization

Hey all! I'm Kori- a Web 3.0 fanatic and a graduate in MEng Engineering Science at Oxford University. I'm currently a part of Y-Combinator company Filta- helping to build an NFT market-place for AR art. Before falling into the rabbit-hole, I worked at the Computational Health Informatics Lab at Oxford- designing machine learning algorithms to predict emergency events in ICUs to save lives. I'm British-Japanese and grew up in Singapore, but I've recently found myself hanging out in the States.

Twitter: @korigrogers

Discord ID: @kogero

Progressive decentralization

As MoonDAO matures, @Moon-settlers @extraterrestrials, @cosmonauts and @astronauts will be decided in a decentralized, bottom-up approach through wider community vote. The 'in' group should not decide roles — MoonDAO is not a clique, it's a community. Eventually once MoonDAO reaches full-maturity we can get rid of roles altogether.

In MoonDAOs very early life, we will help guide the DAO until it can find its feet and walk on its own. As such, at the beginning, we will have to centrally grow the MoonDAO team, but will do so while filtering strongly for individuals who are not status/bureaucracy-oriented and who are working on dedicated channels (dev, legal, finance, design).

Key moments of decentralization will be linked to MoonDAOs milestone objectives- our Moon Phases. At each Moon Phase we plan to take a vote to determine the next step in progressively decentralizing MoonDAO. This is in fact so important to MoonDAO, that one of the core roles of astronaut Kori Rogers is to monitor that MoonDAO is effectively decentralizing over time.